About the EANS

The European Association of Neurosurgical Societies (EANS) is both an independent federation of European national neurosurgical societies and a fast-developing association of individual neurosurgeons from around the world.
We are a professional community whose aim is to enhance the quality of neurosurgical patient care through training, education and research. A key way in which we fulfil this objective is by facilitating the exchange of scientific information at the highest level through the organisation of meetings, symposia and educational courses – with the annual Congress as our flagship event.

To find out more about the EANS, our activities and membership please go to www.eans.org


EANS Board of Officers


Karl Schaller


Andreas Demetriades

Past President

Jesus Lafuente


Johannes van Loon


Nicolas Foroglou

Training Committee

Claudius Thome

Individual Membership Committee

Hans Clusmann

Scientific Liason

Francesco Sala

CME and Guidelines

Nikolay Konovalov

Audit and Governance

Miroslav Vukic

Training Committee Chair Elect

Vakis Papanastassiou

Board Member

Tiit Mathiesen

EANS Historian

Andreas Grotenhuis

Research Fund

Peter Hutchinson

EBNS - Exam

Peter Whitfield


Wilco Peul


Previous EANS Meetings

  • EANS2009 Annual Meeting, Marseille (FR)
  • EANS2010 Annual Meeting, Groningen (NL)
  • EANS2011 Congress, Rome (IT)
  • EANS2011 Annual Meeting, Newcastle-Gateshead (UK)
  • EANS2012 Annual Meeting, Bratislava (SK)
  • EANS2013 Annual Meeting, Tel Aviv (IL)
  • EANS2014 Congress, Prague (CZ)
  • EANS2015 Annual Meeting, Madrid (ES)
  • EANS2016 Congress, Athens (GR)
  • EANS2017 Congress, Venice (IT)
  • EANS2018 Congress, Brussels (BE)
  • EANS2019 Congress, Dublin (IE)