Welcome Letter EANS Scientific Liaison Chair

Francesco Sala

Dear colleagues and friends,

Many of us have probably wondered, during the past six months, whether or not there is something true in the traditional idea that leap years are considered to be ill-fated. In Italy, we even have a local idiom around it: “anno bisesto, anno funesto,” which roughly translates into “leap year, gloomy year.”

We all regret the cancellation of the Belgrade Congress but this was, indeed, the wisest decision in the interest of the EANS and its membership. I am wholeheartedly grateful to Lukas Rasulic, his local Committee, all EANS Section, Committee and Task Force members for the invaluable time they have dedicated to the preparation of the Congress. We will meet in Belgrade in the near future again, but now is the time to keep up the EANS legacy and its academic and educational commitment.

European Neurosurgery is healthy, up and running, in spite of Mr. Covid-19. Yet, in these past few months there has been a pandemic not only of Covid but also of webinars and videconferences, therefore questioning the appeal of additional virtual events.

On the other hand, cutting edge research, new clinical trials, outstanding publications, new ideas, innovative technology and more have vitalized our academic and clinical practice over this difficult time, and we strongly believe that these achievements should be shared with our colleagues throughout the world.

The EANS is therefore please to offer to the neurosurgical community worldwide a virtual meeting, beyond borders, which is not aimed to replace our traditional Annual Congress but, rather, to address the Highlights of European Neurosurgery in 2020.

Each Section, Committee and Task Force of the EANS is proudly engaged, in these days, to prepare a Scientific Program, which will bridge the very best in the different areas of our discipline.

Better times will come, and we’ll be able to socialize in person and celebrate European Neurosurgery soon again. For now, please join us in October for eEANS 2020, an event that the EANS has decided to offer free of charge, in a spirit of sharing and cooperation with all neurosurgeons worldwide.

With my warmest personal regards,

Francesco Sala
EANS Scientific Liaison Chair