Day 1

eEANS 2020 Beyond Borders Virtual Congress: Day 1!
Our very first Virtual Congress was launched today, in a day full of emotions and excitement!
We promised we would take European Neurosurgery Beyond Borders…And we did! 2525 participants from 111 countries made the eEANS 2020 Virtual Congress the global highlight of neurosurgery.
The first day in a nutshell:
We were already introduced into controversies in Neurosurgery.
The management of grade III AVMs, the best profile of the “hybrid vascular neurosurgeon” and the role of surgery versus radiosurgery in the treatment of cavernomas have been debated during the Vascular and Joint Vascular-Radiosurgery sessions.
The Skull Base session took us into an interesting journey through the EANS recommendations for the treatment of tuberculum sellar meningiomas, as well as a critical analysis of the EANO guidelines for vestibular schwannoma treatment. Also, the role of endoscopic versus transcranial approaches to anterior skull base meningiomas and modern approaches to petroclival meningiomas were addressed by masters in the field.
The Peripheral Nerve session addressed the State-of-the-Arts in nerve repair in 2020 and the challenge of microneurosurgery towards successful treatment.
At the end of the day, Peter Hutchinson and Aki Laakso guided us through the best research projects submitted by young neurosurgeons to the EANS.
Brain & Spine: EANS and Eurospine launch a new journal together!
The Annual General Meeting (AGM) of the EANS was held on Sunday October 18, 2020. Some very important changes were presented by the Board and subsequently voted upon favorably with great majority.
Some of these important changes are less visible than others, such as amendments to our Constitution, where 8 articles were adapted to reflect the current functioning of the EANS. Please refer to our website within a few days, where the whole Constitution will be visible.
An exciting and challenging initiative is the launch of an entirely new journal: Brain & Spine! This will be the new medium for our future representation and visibility in the scientific world.
As opposed to Acta Neurochirurgica, which is still owned as a title by the publishing company Springer, our new Journal will be owned by the EANS – together with our partner organisation Eurospine. This will give us a lot more liberty and leverage when it comes to publication policy, strategy and management. With these two major European societies as its base, it is envisaged that this new journal will acquire PubMed access relatively quickly; an impact factor will surely follow.
Of course, such an endeavor will require a leap of faith from our community. That first step was done with the positive vote during the AGM. Furthermore, our opinion leaders as well as our community are encouraged to send in their excellent manuscripts and to review for the new journal. The two Co-editors- Wilco Peul for the EANS and Frank Kandziora for Eurospine- are standing for best scientific quality. The first Open Access edition should be ready in the first quarter of 2021. Waiving any fees for all members is the goal. So watch this space!
Another important decision with a potentially big impact on the future of our organization was made: The creation of a foundation on behalf of the EANS. Philanthropy has become an extremely important driver for research and for many other societal aspects. Here, EANS will prepare a viable and transparent legal entity for potential donors. Due to his long-standing commitment to the goals of the EANS, it was decided to nominate Sir André Grotenhuis as the first president of that foundation. The goal of the first two years - the time until the first election - will be to mount a functioning structure for the foundation, to define one or more main axes for research and development, and to establish and deepen contact with donors and other foundations. Of course, once the foundation will have been ramped up fully, we will provide access channels through our website.
EANS Congress Destinations for 2021 – 2025!
The EANS AGM has voted for the 2023 and 2025 destinations and we can now announce the EANS Congress Destination Calendar from 2021 to 2025! All the cities are AMAZING!
  • 2021 Hamburg
  • 2022 Belgrade
  • 2023 Barcelona
  • 2024 Sofia
  • 2025 Vienna
eEANS 2020 Beyond Borders Virtual Congress day 2:
eEANS 2020 Beyond Borders Virtual Congress continues tomorrow, with sessions on Spinal Neurosurgery, Peripheral Nerve Neurosurgery, Neurotrauma and Critical Care, Functional Epilepsy and Radiosurgery.

Amazing lectures, the very best of European Neurosurgery all here!

You can view the program, the speakers’ bios and all the information about our very first virtual congress in: !