Day 2

eEANS 2020 Beyond Borders Virtual Congress: Day 2!

Our second day was very exciting! Amazing lectures, so much interaction, interesting Q&As, what more to ask? 
The day in a nutshell:
The second day of eEANS 2020 has taken us through another very intense journey across controversies and up-to-date strategies in various areas of Neurosurgery.  
The Spine session has addressed the surgical management of intradural vascular lesions, the recent evolution of the surgical treatment of degenerative scoliosis, and the care of low grade infections, a treacherous enemy impairing spinal instrumentation. John Duff and Bart Depreitere have then refreshed the ongoing debate on open versus minimally invasive spine surgery. 
A provocative talk on the role of the retrojugular approach in cervical spine surgery and a great lecture on the challenges of peripheral nerve injury repair and restoration have filled in the Joint Spine and PNS Session. 
The Neurotrauma session was simply superb with outstanding leaders in the field sharing the most up-to-date data on TBI and future perspectives: from the role of biomarkers to the results of clinical trials on decompressive craniectomy, from the role of craniotomy in the elderly to the controversial role of different hemocoagulative approaches, we have enjoyed the very best of European Neurotraumatology. 
The last two sessions of the day have addressed some innovative approaches in Functional Neurosurgery, from directional DBS to new surgical strategies in medically refractory epilepsy, and proposed a debate on the surgical versus radiosurgical treatment of movement disorders. 
Thank you Sponsors!

A big thanks to our sponsors for their valuable and continuous support. The virtual exhibition today was full of people, navigating, reading content and chatting! Virtual exhibition will carry on until the end of the congress. Make sure to visit and interact!
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eEANS 2020 Beyond Borders Virtual Congress day 3
Stay tuned and join us tomorrow for the last, not-to-be-missed, day of eEANS: Neuro-Oncology, Pediatric Neurosurgery, CSF disorders, Tips for the Young Neurosurgeons, Diversity in Neurosurgery and the best from Acta Neurochirurgica!

The very best of European Neurosurgery, all here!

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