Day 3

eEANS 2020 Beyond Borders Virtual Congress: Day 3!

eEANS 2020 Beyond Borders Virtual Congress is over. We couldn’t be happier with the result. The global neurosurgical community met in our virtual environment and together we watched the highlights of European Neurosurgery.
The third day in a nutshell:

The eEANS 2020 virtual congress Beyond Borders came to an end last night.
The third day started with a fantastic plenary session on Neuro-Oncology. The first two lecturers, Philippe Schucht and Vincent Lubrano, addressed the current management of low-grade gliomas and cerebral metastases. Colin Watts and Joerg Tonn highlighted the interaction between surgery and research in modern Neurosurgery, addressing the role of the neurosurgeon in experimental cancer medicine and the relevance of biomarkers in the treatment of meningiomas. Francesco Di Meco shared his remarkable experience in the increasingly relevant role of ultrasound in neurosurgical oncology. Shlomi Constantini and Gianpiero Tamburrini proposed, from a pediatric neurosurgical perspective, what adult neurosurgeons should know in the management of incidental brain tumors and low grade glioma in children.
After the break, Laurence Watkins and Richard Edwards discussed future perspectives in the treatment of adult hydrocephalus and the challenges of interpreting cognitive bias in the treatment choice for obstructive hydrocephalus, thus animating the first ever session of the new EANS Task Force on CSF disorders.

Then followed one of the (many) highlights of this meeting, especially dedicated to our younger colleagues. Manfred Westphal, Sandro Krieg, Jiri Bartek and Christian Freyschlag addressed various aspects of developing an academic neurosurgical career: from building a scientific profile, to developing research facilities and networks.

We ended the eEANS2020 with two very special sessions. First, Thomas Kapapa and Idoya Zazpe took us through a delightful, touching, and inspiring journey across human aspects of our profession. They showed us how commitment, strong will, character and, ultimately, being great women and men can overcome disabilities and family duties, helping achieve leadership in Neurosurgery. Last, but not least, Tiit Mathiesen shared his ‘Editor’s picks’ on the very best publications which have appeared in Acta Neurochirurgica this year. There was no better way to wrap-up a meeting that has celebrated the legacy of European Neurosurgery, but more than anything has raised this to a truly global perspective. 

How about some numbers of eEANS 2020 Beyond Borders as compared to our last congress Dublin 2019: 2527 registrations (+38%) from 111 countries (+50%) and an overall 71% increase in the extra-continental attendance; with 644 colleagues from all over the world, including Senegal, Sudan, Bangladesh, Georgia, Indonesia, Kyrgyzstan, Malaysia, Philippines, Uzbekistan, Costa Rica, Guatemala, Paraguay, Nicaragua, just to mention a few… And all this provided at zero cost by the EANS as a show of commitment to humanitarian causes during these difficult times.
The EANS wholeheartedly thanks all of you for joining us this year and we look forward to meeting all of you, and many more, in Hamburg for the 2021 Annual Congress. 

Interview with our president
We had a virtual chat with the EANS President Karl Schaller: 

- The eEANS 2020 Beyond Borders Virtual Congress has just concluded! What are your feelings?

- Before Sunday, we were naturally a little tense, having worked hard to convert everything from Belgrade's physical event to this online platform, which was entirely new to us. This is a first for the EANS. The content had to be re-organised entirely. At the event's completion, I am both delighted and very proud about how well it went. The global penetrance with almost 2500 registered participants is amazing. The precision of time-keeping and the quality of the lectures were outstanding. These lectures were the condensed finest in European neurosurgery. 
This is setting the pace for neurosurgical progress around the globe - together with our opinion leading partner organizations. I liked the combination of expert state-of-the-art lectures with the young awardees, the latter of which reflect the prosperous and inspiring grounds in our field. In terms of focused attention, a live congress can’t be better. 
Great thanks to all participants, organizers, session chairs, and sponsors. Thank you all!

- Till we meet again in Hamburg, 2021?

- We have to further ignite our peers and to continue to activate our Sections, Committees and Task Forces to strengthen ties: personal contacts are essential to make and to keep going forward. These somewhat Hopperian frozen times require our full attention on collaboration across borders. We are open to suggestions from our peers as to how to further improve our degree of connectivity. As in the functioning brain: everything is about connections and hubs to keep it alive and to make it smarter. 
Till Hamburg I wish to see our organization and our community growing stronger, better connected, more resilient - and capable to apply modern IT in our favor and for our objectives in education and research. The social component can’t ever be replaced by any virtual meeting. Yet, we need to ensure that some of our members, who don’t have access to all these modern IT resources, won’t be left behind and will find access to our current online activities. Hamburg will be a high-end and high-tech congress, of course, with a strong potential for socializing and personal encounters - that is what we have been missing so terribly throughout 2020.

- And a few words about the historic EANS 2020 AGM, where an EANS owned Journal and a new EANS Foundation were decided!

- These shall be game-changing elements in our preparation for the future: 
1. the joint creation of an open access Journal of the highest quality, with EANS and Eurospine together. APCs waived, or very low at least, for our membership base, and bottom-up community building. That will strengthen our impact in neuroscience and in surgical science and hopefully create a lot of energy, which will render it attractive for our opinion leaders, and for the young generation of Brain&Spine specialists to submit their manuscripts. We are keen to receive their manuscripts in the first quarter of 2021!

2. The creation of the EANS Foundation will put us in the driver’s seat as we enter the world of philanthropy, and in a legally viable and transparent manner. Of course, it will take time (as for the journal) to blossom. The EANS, which is ourselves, has a lot to offer to society, and that shall allow us to accrue funds from donors, which may be private persons or other legal entities. The grand lines of topics shall be defined by the foundation’s board, together with its scientific advisory board. I am confident that I will bring interesting and good news on the matter in Hamburg 2021!
We are grateful!
The numbers tell their own tale:
•    2527 Participants from…
•    111 countries!
•    16 Sponsors & Supporters
•    67 Lectures
•    1.000.000 thank you to our participants!
EANS Annual Congress 2021 - 
Stay tuned! We have just started warming up…